The innumerable benefits of SEO – How it can help your business?

SEO is being talked a lot, but what does it provide for your business? The benefits of SEO are innumerable and you must pay attention to this area and do something about it.

The two types of SEO and this is where most of the website owners get confused.

  • Onsite – Internal SEO
  • Link Building – External SEO

Internal – On-Site SEO

The name says it all. All your website work will be done internally. Which means, the key to search engine optimization is to make your website findable and rank it at the top of search results when people search for a specific keyword that might be related to your business. You can also hire anSEO company in Chennai or a web developer in Chennai to do this for you.

External Optimization

Be in any search engine you get visitors only when your site has the right keyword search term that suits the words they put in the search box. Is that all there is to optimize a site? NO

You must let these search engines know that your site is relevant, popular and respected by 3rd parties. This is usually done by getting links from another website to your site and other pages without your site.

Getting high search rankings

Remember the first site listed will get about the 3rd of the clicks, and the top 3 listed will get more than 70% of the traffic. If you are not on the first page of the results, then you might get no click thus no free search engine traffic or landing page to your website.

Getting traffic is the main benefit, but not the only benefit. As you can also get it in other ways. But search engine traffic is the best. There are many Chennai based web design company that you can hire to try SEO audit for free.